peace on earth

Join us in sending Healing Light and Unconditional Love to our Planet Earth.

If you do not meditate often, here are some suggestions. Light a candle or burn incense if you’d like, and perhaps put on soothing or inspirational music. Keep positive thoughts in your mind and unconditional love in your heart. Sit comfortably, relax and take a couple deep breaths.

Envision golden light from the Universe above entering the top of your head. This light is healing light and it is filled with unconditional love. Envision this golden healing light spreading throughout your entire body.

earth image

For the next step, you can close your eyes, or if you have an image of the earth like a photo or statue, you may choose to keep your eyes on the image. Envision sending the healing light and unconditional love to earth (perhaps through your eyes, or hands or just with your thoughts). We ask that you send this healing light and unconditional love for at least 15 minutes.

If it helps you focus, you may want to repeat a mantra (verbal) or yantra (silent). Suggestions… “Planet Earth is filled with healing light and love” or “There is peace on earth.” Avoid statements and thoughts that take sides of issues. That doesn’t reflect unconditional love. Avoid speaking in the future tense. This includes wanting and asking for peace. Instead, think or speak in the present tense as if peace exists now. This gives more strength to the Universe to make it so.

Begin now and know that you are joined by many others around the world in the creation of peace of earth.



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