nancy the christmas fairy


Follow Jingle the Christmas Elf and Holley the Reindeer on their journey to save Christmas. This book is a work of love written with my granddaughters Lorelei and Ariel in memory of their maternal grandmother Nancy Bruneau.

childrens books, holiday

Despite all attempts by the Ice Fairy to stop Christmas, Jingle, along with Yak-Yak the snow bunny, makes his way to help Santa Claus at the North Pole with help from various fairies they encounter along with way. There’s Cora the Winter Fairy (the girls maternal great-grandmother), Mina the Snow Fairy (paternal grandmother Dani Lynn) and Nancy the Christmas Fairy (maternal grandmother). And of course Mrs. Bettie Claus (paternal great-grandmother.)

Although written for our loved ones, the story is universal. It is a fairy tale that all children and their family and friends can enjoy during the holiday season.

We invite you to enjoy a very special Christmastime fairy tale.


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