yoga/ mudras

The centering, balancing and stretching involved in the practice of Yoga is designed to promote the flow of chi, or energy, throughout the body. The postures massage your internal organs and allow your body to alleviate or disperse energy blockages.

Yoga originated in India and there are many different types. Practiced even a couple days a week, Yoga can reduce fatigue and increase stamina, develop elasticity and muscle tone, and detoxify.

Proper breathing techniques are very important in Yoga. It is a powerful tool to strengthen your body and mind promoting clarity of thought and the ability to produce within your being a stillness and inner peace.

reiki, energy healing, spirituality

Mudras are the hand positions commonly seen in Buddhist artwork and statues. The word mudra is Sanskrit and means seal or sign and this form of healing has been practiced for thousands of years.

Each finger has a meaning and each hand position includes specific positioning of the fingers. There are many different hand positions and each one serves to help with specific physical ailments from ear aches and insomnia to heart attacks. Each one is also meant to enhance spirituality and has its own meaning. Mudras serve to enhance concentration, bring inner peace and spiritual enlightenment.


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  1. Hi Eileen, thanks for visiting my site. I don’t have a resource that shows me all of the mudras, I’m only aware of a few that had been taught to me. The hand position in the picture in this post is one I’ve used for centering and connecting with Spirit – at least that is how it was taught to me. I don’t recall the name but I’ll look for it in my workbook when I get a chance and let you know. I don’t have a computer for now (I’ve had 2 laptops break in recent months) so it’ll probably be a few days until I’m able to borrow one again to reply. 🙂

    • Hi again. Just to follow up from last week, it’s called uttarabodhi and is said to bring an energy of great enlightenment. I’ve seen it with and without thumbs crossed. With the thumbs crossed… the left (spiritual) is placed over the right (physical). — Thanks again for your inquiry.

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