sound healing

Science tells us that everything in the universe vibrates and creates sound…  which means everything in the universe has a ‘voice’. Sound travels through air, water and space.  It also resonates through our entire body, all of our organs, down to the tiniest cell. Even if we can not hear the sound, our body will feel the pulsation.

The ability of sound to promote emotional, spiritual and even physical healing has been recognized for thousands of years. This has been done through chanting, song, prayer and the use of musical instruments. Rhythmic sounds are also used to bring comfort.  One example would  be the patting  of crying babies.   And some people  will place a ticking clock near puppies that have been recently separated from their mothers to imitate her heart beat.  These two common examples used today are methods of healing with sound.

Certain sounds have been found to help lower breathing rate, calm anxiety, promote relaxation, improve concentration, even alleviate pain.  Testing that’s been conducted over the past few decades show that different types of music effects us in different ways, not just emotionally, but right down to the beat of our heart.  Changes in the aura have also been detected with the use of Kirlian photography.


 Here are a couple ways to experiment with the use of sound during meditation.

Use a mantra while meditating. Choose a positive word or group of words.  For example: ‘I am healthy’ or ‘I am peaceful’ or chant ‘Om’ which will enhance your connection with your Higher Self…  with the Divine. Say or sing your word(s) aloud and repeatedly during your meditation.  Use a steady tone and pace. You don’t have to use the same tone for each word, just repeat it the same way each time.   OR…

Use vowels to stimulate chakras. The flow of energy through the chakras are associated with the sound of vowels. Choose a chakra to meditate on and find it’s corresponding vowel sound.  Repeatedly sing/chant the vowel sound or a word that includes the vowel sound. At the same time, use the power of visualization and see the chakra and it’s color while imagining that it is vibrating at a strong and healthy rate. To incorporate all your chakras, try singing the children’s song ‘Do, Re, Mi’. These vowel sounds can be broken down even further using the long and short vowel sounds. The examples given here are the long vowel sounds.

A  =  Heart Chakra,  E  =  Third Eye Chakra,  I  =  Mental Clarity

O  =  Spleen,  U  =  Lower torso,  Om or Hm  =  Crown Chakra



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