qigong/ tai chi

With a combination of breathing techniques and fluid movements, along with a calm, clear, meditative mind set, QiGong gives each of us the ability to maintain our health, focus on preventive care, and bring our Mind-Body-Spirit into balance.

Qi (pronounced che) means energy… life… breath. Gong means work… practice… skill. QiGong is a comprehensive practice for mental and physical health… and it is also a spiritual practice. This ancient tradition originated in China, and is part of Buddhist, Taoist and Confusion traditions. There are hundreds styles of QiGong that have developed over thousands of years, many of them for specific ailments.

The practice of QiGong teaches us how to become aware of Qi, life force energy, flowing throughout our body, and all around us. With gentle body movement, we learn to direct the flow of Qi in a precise manner, restoring harmony, health and balance to our body systems… and to our whole being – Mind-Body-Spirit.

Along with its restorative effects, QiGong is known to help with the slowing and/or prevention of injury, illness and disease, allowing us to cultivate a holistic balance both within our being, and with the world around us. This is possible with both an understanding and assimilation of the connection between Mind-Body-Spirit as a whole, and its incorporation into our QiGong practice. By developing a holistic mind set and lifestyle, we can bring the intent of our ego self, along with that of our higher self, into alignment.

Making QiGong part of a daily routine can bring harmony and tranquility to our otherwise busy mind, along with enhancing intuition. It can be effective in helping with dementia and attention deficit disorder.

The healthful effects of QiGong increase over time, having the ability to reduce stress and help our body function more efficiently. The slow and gentle movements aid in cleansing our internal organs of toxins, help with digestion, circulation, and our respiratory and immune systems. We learn to become more aware of body functions such as our blood pressure, rate of breath, and with practice, we may experience increased strength, vitality and longevity. QiGong is also an athletic platform, including for the martial arts, with the opportunity to develop balance, coordination, and to condition the body against injury.

Through the calming motions of QiGong, we are able to work toward achieving an inner peace, and bringing an awareness of Mind-Body-Spirit as one.

Tai Chi is one of the styles of QiGong.  Its movements flow as in QiGong, but unlike QiGong which works with individual parts of the body, Tai Chi works with the whole body at once. Its benefits however, are like those of QiGong.  There are differences though.  Tai Chi has more of a martial arts feel to it…  a very gentle form of martial arts. There are over one hundred different positions that are performed in a flowing but specific manner that incorporate breathing techniques as well.


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