The Theta State …is defined as dreaming, enhanced focus, trance, hypnosis and…  Meditation.

What do you think the person in this picture is doing?

med fishing new

Was your answer fishing?  Up until a few short years ago, that would’ve been my answer… until someone told me that fishing was their form of meditation.  That coming from someone who had not been able to quiet his mind for any length of time his entire life.  Two seconds was his max, and that was achieved during a forty-five minute long meditation with a Yogi.  I was a witness to it.  This man achieved two brief seconds of ‘nothingness’ and was fascinated with the experience.  He hasn’t been able to do it since…  so he fishes.

Now I’m sure that’s not the only reason he goes fishing, but the peace and calming that he experiences is a part of it.  My point to this little story being that we don’t have to sit crossed legged on the floor with our eyes closed and have a spiritual experience to feel that we are any good at meditating.  I’ve heard many people say that they can’t do it.  They just need to expand on the definition.  Anyone can meditate.  It is a personal experience and even if you go fishing, it can also be a spiritual one.

During the Beta state which is our ‘normal’ waking state, the level of activity in the brain’s cerebral cortex is measured at an average of 20 Hz (hertz) or cycles per second.  In this state our attention is focused externally and intuitive messages are usually drowned out.  During the Theta state, the level is measured at an average of 5-6 Hz.  Breathing and heart rate slow, blood pressure lowers, mental chatter stops, and we pick up on intuitive messages more easily.

The act of meditation is over 5,000 years old.  There are many different types of meditation.  It can be done in silence with a clear mind or while focusing on a mantra.  A mantra is a word or group of words repeated throughout the meditation.  A mantra is verbal and a yantra is silent.  A meditation can be done while listening to music, or it may actually be a guided visualization where another person, or a recording, guides you through the meditation by telling you what to see, smell and so on, which can be very effective. There are also chakra meditations in which you would visualize the chakra and the color and perhaps mentally send healing light to it.  Crystal meditations and past life meditations, the list goes on and on.  How deep of a meditative state one goes into differs from one person to the next.  Being in this state however, can allow your mind to clear so that intuitive thoughts can enter and you can connect with your Higher SelfThere are no limitations.

If you’re a beginner, here are some tips.

It would probably be best to attempt this in a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Choose if you want to meditate in silence or put on soothing instrumental music. Get in a comfortable seated position and relax, but not so comfortable that you’ll fall asleep. Be aware of your breathing. Consciously relax every part of you from your head to your feet, one body part at a time. Clear your mind.  If unwanted thoughts enter, don’t fight it.  Imagine them just passing through. Start out meditating for short periods of time, and gradually lengthen them. Be patient with yourself.  You can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Enjoy the process.

Visualization can be a part of a meditation.  It is also incorporated into many other forms of energy healing.  During creative visualization, instead of clearing your mind, you would imagine a scene of your choosing playing out in your mind.  What goes on in the visualization is something you can be in control of.  Or, you can start it off and let your subconscious mind take over.  When you are projecting these mental images, use positive thoughts, and engage all of your senses.  For example, include things like stopping to smell the flowers and imagining their scent.  Listen to the birds flying overhead, hear the rustling of leaves on a forest floor or the ocean waves crashing onto shore.  Pick fruit off a tree and eat it while you are imagining how it tastes.  Doing so will make your visualization even more real in your mind.

Visualization is a process that can also be used to achieve a particular goal.  When you envision yourself achieving this goal…  know that by doing so, it is achieved.  Know that it is already done, you have already achieved it.  ‘Knowing’ is a step beyond ‘believing’ and it is knowing it is so that gives the universe the power to make it so.


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  1. i have struggled with meditation, quieting my mind, for years. i just read ‘listen’ by lynn robinson. great book, i really connected with. she has a chapter called ‘managing a noisy mind’. opened my eyes more about meditation.

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