crystal healing

Crystals and stones were used by prehistoric people as tools and as weapons. Early civilizations wore them as amulets believing they would bring them good fortune and protection. Crystals and stones were also used to appease spirits as it was believed that spirits from other realms controlled such things as the sunrise, storms, crop failures and so on. Healing with crystals can be traced back to Egypt around the year 1600 B.C.

crystal mix image

Chi, life force energy, flows through everything including the earth itself. It is a living earth, a living organism. Physicists show us that energy equals matter and what we perceive as solid matter is primarily space, not solid, and filled with energy. This includes everyday objects, our body and the earth. Everything in this universe is filled with energy and vibrates. Although vibrations vary, things that we perceive in our world such as tables, chairs, trees and so on, are perceptible because we’re all vibrating at basically the same low, dense frequency. The concept of healing with crystals and stones is based on our body’s frequency connecting with that of the crystal or stone we’re working with. Crystals and stones can also be used to enhance meditation, to calm or energize us, and for various health challenges. Our natural state of being is one of joy and balance.

There are many, many different types of crystals and even with crystals of the same type, there may be differences in their vibration. It’s a matter of finding one(s) that vibrates harmoniously with you. Crystals and stones of various colors are also associated with chakras of corresponding colors. I participated in a crystal healing workshop a few years ago. In one experiment, my eyes were closed so I couldn’t see which crystals were being placed on my body. I was able to experience their energy as they were placed along my chakras. At one point, I thought a concrete block had been placed on my chest. The crystal it turned out was the size of a ping pong ball, but I experienced its energy as being very heavy and dense.

I had numerous experiences in that workshop, as did my classmates, which really opened my eyes to the power of crystals. We also set up crystal grids on the floor to sit in to experience various types of energy. The experience was far more than I expected. I initially took the workshop because I liked crystals and I thought they were pretty, but I had no idea what power they held. It was an amazing experience.

From the prehistoric use of tools to the construction of Stonehenge, from the detail regarding how shape, color, clarity effect energy to their use in healing, I find the world of crystals and stones fascinating.


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