chakra healing

Chakras (wheel of light) are energy centers in our subtle body through which chi (energy) flows.  When we’re healthy they spin or vibrate very fast.  When we’re ill, they are sluggish.  There are seven major chakras.  All of them are associated with different parts of our body and different aspects of our lives.  They are also associated with colors.

One method of healing with chakras is through meditation and visualization.  Focus on the particular chakra and it’s color and envision you are sending it healing light.  You can also wear clothing that is the color of the  chakra you’re working with.  If there is a color you avoid or don’t like, that is most likely an indication that the chakra the color is associated with is one that you are in need of working with.  The reason may be physical or it may be emotional. If you look at the parts of the body associated with the chakra along with the areas of your life also associated with it, you’ll probably be able to determine where your challenge lies.  For example, the color light blue represents the throat chakra.  This represents, among other things, communication.  Are you not speaking up for yourself, or are you being too vocal?

Another healing method is with the use of crystals and stones.  For the most part, their many colors are an indication of which chakra they work best with.  You can place the stone on your body in the area of the corresponding chakra or even just keep it in your pocket.

The use of chakra colors is also a way that Spirit can communicate with us.  During a meditation for example, a particular area of your body may appear in a chakra color.  That is Spirit’s way of telling you to pay attention to it.  It is a good idea to keep a journal of all your experiences.  That will help when it comes to interpretation because Spirit communicates in various ways.  Below is a list of each of the seven main chakras, the areas of the body relating to them and their color.

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