Energy Healing


Are you searching for alternative solutions to life’s challenges?

Under the heading of “Energy Healing” on this site is a drop down menu for pages regarding various types of energy healing. This is to give you an idea of the different methods that are available if you’re looking for alternatives. They all, however, have a common goal and that is to bring health, harmony and happiness. These are all states that can be achieved by going into the stillness of self. If any of these resonate with you, I would encourage you to explore them further.

More people than ever before are searching for alternative treatments not only to heal but to prevent illness. People are realizing that it’s not just a matter of healing their physical body, but healing their emotional and spiritual self as well. It all goes hand in hand. Life style, state of mind and emotions along with everything that’s going on in one’s life can affect the physical body. Being upset, worried or angry can bring on stress, tension, headaches, ulcers and more. Negative words, attitudes and even thoughts can have a negative affect not only on those to whom we express them, but also on ourselves. Statistics by the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services reveal that a majority of all illnesses are avoidable. In large part, this would be done by keeping our immune system strong, eating healthy and getting enough exercise.

There are many healing techniques that have been practiced in ancient traditions for thousands of years all over the world. This includes healing with sound, color, crystals, oils, acupuncture (used in China since 2500 BC), visualization, mudras and more. The common theme to these techniques would be the mind-body connection, something very few in the medical profession in the West take into consideration. This attitude, however, has been changing over the past decade or so ever so slightly, but changing none the less.

What can you do now? Here are three basic ideas to start with.

(1) The power of our mind over our body is phenomenal. Simply using positive words and having positive thoughts as you go about your daily routine will make a difference.

(2) Become aware of your breathing. With every breath we take, chi travels throughout our body, our brain, our organs, to every cell. Chi, ki, qi or prana is energy… life force energy. Improving our breathing will increase the oxygen flow to our cells allowing them to vibrate on a healthier, higher level. This in turn improves our ability to connect with our Higher Self.

(3) Meditate… or simply spend at least a few minutes each day in a quiet, peaceful state of mind. This will enable you to better handle stressful situations at home, work or anywhere you may encounter challenges.

What is paramount to our healing? Taking responsibility for our self.

This means our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. It is my belief that we each create our own reality. This concept can be very difficult for some people to accept especially when challenges are severe or involve abuse. For others, the idea that we create every aspect of our life is overwhelming.

To accept the challenges in life and learn from them allows for spiritual growth, and all that we experience in this life is for the spiritual growth of our soul.

Go into the stillness inside yourself, find your truth and bring about inner peace. And I emphasize your truth. Your experiences will be unique. My truth may not be your truth, and your truth won’t necessarily be your partners truth, or your children’s truth, or your parents, or your neighbors. We all must walk our own path… and allow others to do the same. provides information about U.S. Food and Drug Administration drug recall, warning, and safety issues involving prescription drugs, over the counter drugs, dietary supplements.

“Try Reiki” Dr. Oz Tells Millions, 01/09/12: At the show’s conclusion, Oz did his usual “Oz’s Orders” segment: “Here are the three things I want you to remember from today’s show. First off, try Reiki. This alternative medicine treatment can manipulate your energy and cure what ails you.”


DISCLAIMER: The information on this  site is not a replacement for a medical diagnosis, prescription and/or treatment for any emotional, mental and/or physical medical condition. Check with a doctor before beginning any exercise regimen or making any alterations to your diet.


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