A Shaman’s Path; Intro from “Ancient Knowledge”

  This is the Introduction Chapter from my latest book… Ancient Knowledge For A Modern Day Spiritual Journey available on Amazon.    –Dani Lynn

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A Shaman’s Path

To walk in harmony, to show honor and respect to all living things, to know our self and recognize our oneness with All that is, to live in love – not in fear, all of this honors the God of our heart, and is the shaman’s path.

The most common image that comes to mind when speaking of a shaman is that of a native healer or spiritual leader, perhaps performing a ceremony of some sort. Although that would still be so in many places around the world, there are now what are considered modern day shamans. They may be spiritual or community leaders, but they are also teachers, business people, students and homemakers.

The world is constantly changing and renewing; that is the way of things. To acknowledge the shaman within our own sacred self is a first step, but to walk the path of our inner shaman requires a very conscious choice on our part. It also means releasing any limitations we may be holding onto. What is perceived as security in our fears is in reality, nothing but lead weight holding us down. We ask the same questions of ourselves that have been asked by humans for millennia:

  • Where do we come from?
  • Is there an all powerful force in the universe ?
  • What is my purpose?
  • Do I have a destiny?
  • What happens to me when I die?

The first steps of a modern day shaman usually involve ways to reduce stress and improve health. This may mean incorporating things into our daily routine like meditation or yoga. It may also mean weeding out such things as caffeine or nicotine. We begin to look for balance, a healthy balance in which we can find happiness and harmony with ourselves and with others. These first steps can be quite challenging for many of us used to a fast paced, hectic lifestyle.

Imagine a large circle around your body. This outer circle includes such issues as stress, depression, low self-esteem and so on. These are typically what many of us see as our core issues. How difficult they are for us to overcome varies from one person to the next. We may spend many months dealing with them, or many years. But what we find when we make our way through this outer circle, or rather what we see more clearly, are even more difficult issues within an inner circle. These are our issues of the heart, and of our ever present inner child.

Now I’ve referred to these as more difficult issues, deeper issues, but we won’t necessarily find them more difficult to deal with. If we have persevered through the challenges in our outer circle to the point where we can stand and face the challenges of our inner circle, then we will have achieved a certain level of spiritual growth. We can now face our next series of challenges, which are nothing less than opportunities for further spiritual growth, with a more clear and centered state of mind.

At this point there is usually no turning back. Once we get a taste of the inner peace and serenity that comes with overcoming our challenges, we want more, and we begin yet another leg of our journey.

At any given point along our spiritual path, we may find our self challenged by loved ones. People close to us, family and friends, may not fully understand just what it is we’re seeking, and we may not be able to fully explain. That is because it’s not only something of the mind and body, but also of the soul, and we ourselves may not have the answer. At this point, we are simply following our heart.

Sometimes our loved ones will be supportive and other times they may question us. In some situations, they may even direct anger toward us. But understand this; they’re expressing from their own reality, their own level of understanding. Their anger, or simple annoyance, or perhaps teasing, doesn’t have anything to do with us and everything to do with them. Our loved ones may see us making strides to move forward, but if not on a spiritual path themselves, they may experience jealousy – or fear. We may no longer share the same interests and they may be afraid that we’ll outgrow them.

One of the most difficult things to learn as we move forward on our journey is that, in all probability, there will be loved ones from our circle of family and friends that we spend less and less time with, or perhaps even leave behind. It cannot be any other way. Each of us chooses his/her own path; we cannot force anyone else’s hand. Like minds attract like minds. We are the only one we control and we are the only one we are responsible for. Along with the realization that we aren’t going to be able to persuade others to come with us on our journey, will be an ever deeper realization that we can’t turn back. One of the lessons that we’ll discover is paramount in our learning, is one of acceptance.

With each consecutive circle of challenges that we face, we will have further evolved spiritually. We will find that  the more difficult a challenge is perceived to be, the easier it will be to face as we move ever closer to the core of our being. As we move ever closer to healing.

When we reach our core, our center, we find peace, accep-tance, love. At the center of self we find God, by any name, God in us experiencing this life. There is the realization of oneness, of strength and balance. We will have found happiness in our self and in others.

Our only truth is our own path.

God, Allah, Mother/Father God, the Source, our Higher Self…  “a rose by any other name.” What I am referring to is a level of higher consciousness, a source of creation, the connectedness of All that is.

When my adoptive father passed on many years ago, in my search to find a way to communicate with him, to say some things I hadn’t been able to say while he was still with me, I found an entirely new path laid out before me. I found myself in the world of metaphysics, energy healing, medi-tation and much more. The direction of my life took a sharp turn and I never looked back. I’d found what I hadn’t even realized I was looking for.

I began walking my path consciously. I began looking on the inside for answers instead of outside of myself. I began looking to my Higher Self for guidance instead of looking to others. My journey has been nothing less than fascinating, and much of what I’ve shared in this book is from personal experiences.

When we choose to walk the path of our inner shaman, when we choose to go down the rabbit hole so to speak, we discover it was not a rabbit hole we stepped into, but a rabbit hole we stepped out of.

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