Meet Your Animal Spirit Guides

Meet Your Animal Spirit Guides & Teachers;

An Animal Spirit Guide Handbook

Now Available on Amazon

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Animals have long been a part of our culture and they inspire us in many ways.  This has been evident in our art and in our storytelling dating back to prehistoric times.  Archeologists have found evidence of this in the form of cave paintings dating back to primitive cultures in prehistory.  Mythological stories still live on today.  We can even look at children’s fairy tales in our own time.  Animal Spirits can help you understand the challenges in your life and learn from them.  This will enable you to begin the process of healing and bring about spiritual growth.

  • Meet your Animal Spirit Guides and Teachers
  • Distinguish between Guides and Messengers
  • Learn to Interpret Signs and Messages
  • Communicate with your Animal Guides
  • Discover the Significance of Environments
  • Directions, Numbers, Chakras, Colors
  • Meditate with your Animal Spirit Guides
  • Find your Journey Guide (Power/Totem Animal)
  • Special Insights from author Dani Lynn
  • Plus 12 Animals of the Chinese Zodiac
  • Over 90 Animals including Birds, Mammals, Reptiles and More!

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32 responses to “Meet Your Animal Spirit Guides

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  2. Congratulations! Oh, the formatting, and reformatting, and reformatting….! 🙂 Just finished setting my fairy tale book today. It’s so nice when the tedious stuff is done! I hope your book does well! It looks great!

    • Thank you. It took a lot longer than I expected. – I have fairy tale book coming also 🙂 (I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed ‘The Fairy Tale Project’ under the ‘My Books’ section on this blog.) I finally decided to put it on Amazon also, it should be ready next month. – Best of luck with yours also! And thank you again.

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