7 Talks From A Priestess

There was once a beautiful and wealthy woman who lived near the ancient shores of the Mediterranean.  She had long dark hair and wore an elegant white gown that was laced with gold.  The woman spent her days in an open air room high above the streets below, a room supported by exquisitely carved pillars and extending out onto a large balcony overlooking the city.  This woman was a priestess and she had knowledge of secret mysteries and an ability to tap into other forms of consciousness… and into the spirit world.  The year was 3BC.

Image: telegraph.co.uk

Image: telegraph.co.uk

On a hilltop in a far off land stood a weary soldier, his spear planted firmly in the ground as he surveyed the expanse of the land beneath him after a battle.  But his mind drifted, his thoughts were of his love, the woman in the white gown.

Image: backgroundswallpapers.in

Image: backgroundswallpapers.in

“Time” as we know it is a creation of man.  The terms “past”  “present” and “future” are helpful in conversation but we exist in an eternal “now”.  As we live and breathe and go about our business in the twenty-first century, watching our favorite television shows and texting our friends, the woman in the white gown walks out onto her balcony and watches the people on the streets below… and her mind drifts, her thoughts turn to her love, the soldier on the hilltop as she awaits his return.

We can tap into the consciousness of who we were in lifetimes before and who we will be in lifetimes to come because all exists in this moment, in this eternal “now”.  We can tap into these other aspects of ourselves, these other personalities of our soul, and share and learn, through dreams, meditations, visualizations, journeys…

Image: "Dare To Dream" by Alex Teuscher

Image: “Dare To Dream” by Alex Teuscher

The priestess in this story was asked by one who shares her soul – to share her knowledge.  An elderly, wise man with a long white beard then appeared in the dreamtime to the woman.  He would pass onto her  knowledge from the priestess in the form of seven “talks.”  The “talks” were given over the seven days that followed.

The First Talk: Chakras

The chakras are what were originally known to be the organs of our endocrine system.  It is through elevating the vibration of this system that we are able to reestablish a conscious connection with our higher power.

The Second Talk: Selfhood

An awakening will be experienced when one realizes the illusion of self and others and of all things material and otherwise.  Our possessions, our thoughts, our identities are part of the illusion and by letting go of our belief in them as anything other than parts of the illusion, we will find faith and truth in all – and in nothing.

The Third Talk: Faith

It is faith that heals, no matter what the religion, the medicine or the science; it is the power of faith that brings the result.

The Fourth Talk: Enlightenment

To be free from fear and illusion allows us to fully experience unconditional love and to be happy and actively engaged in our life thereby honoring our true nature.

The Fifth Talk: Death

There is no death, only the ending of our experience in this life. We will move into a different level of awareness.  Our higher consciousness, our soul that carries the memories of all our lifetimes and all the in betweens – – and is connected to all that is, is eternal.

The Sixth Talk: Life

There are other intelligent life forms in the universe, all of which can be tapped into as a part of the whole.

The Seventh Talk: Destiny

When we walk in joy, we walk the path of our heart and find our self following our destiny.  It is then that the door opens and we walk through as our Godself.

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