Soul Recognition

… She laid in love in the arms of a man, a stranger really, whom she’d met only a couple weeks before.  When she looked into his eyes, there was passion, familiarity… comfort.  She knew this soul.  Perhaps he had been her love in lifetimes before.  She closed her eyes to dream…

A young woman walked through an overrun garden as she approached an old country inn.  The sunlight beamed in through the glass inlay of the heavy wooden door as she walked inside.  A man stood across the darkened room holding a purple rose, or was it red.  He closed his eyes and leaned forward to catch it’s scent by waving his hand over the flower to bring the smell to him, like someone smelling a newly opened bottle of wine.  He didn’t seem to recognize the woman who had walked through the door.  His forehead wrinkled and he appeared perplexed.  The rose smelled like jasmine.

rose, flower, image

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