Is God Talking To You?

Do you talk to “God”? I think most of us would answer in the affirmative. We talk to God intentionally in prayer – – and other times, in short outbursts stemming from surprise, anger or fear. – – But does it occur the other way around? Does God talk back to you? Do you keep an ear out for a response? Do you expect one?

I was watching the comedy Evan Almighty on television last week. The character of Evan Baxter, played by Steve Carell, was told by God to build an ark because a flood was coming. No one believed that a flood would come but more than that, they didn’t believe God would’ve talked to Evan Baxter, or to any of them for that matter.

The reaction towards Evan in the movie was not unlike what he would’ve encountered in the real world.  Some considered him crazy and others thought it was a trick, that he must be up to something. 

Communication from God in our society today seems implausible and even illogical to many. To others, it’s just not something God does anymore. There are a number of reasons for this lack of belief, even including jealousy. For example, when a person claims to have heard God speak, but that person is judged as unworthy by another, it can be difficult to understand why God doesn’t speak to them instead, feeling that they them self are far more worthy.  And then there are those that don’t feel themselves worthy.

I sometimes wonder why the concept is so hard for some people to accept. Why would anyone believe that God would have stopped talking to us? Do they believe we are less worthy as a people than those who lived long ago? If you see God as an old man with a white beard in a heaven above, does he no longer have an active interest in his children? Or if you see God as an all knowing consciousness with a connection to all that is, has this essence, power, strength weakened over these many centuries?

If we believe either in the love of God or that God “is” love, then we understand that we could not be anything less than worthy. There are innumerable ways that God speaks to us, through signs, through what we call “coincidences” (of which there is no such thing), through that little voice inside our head, and sometimes, God just speaks, with a voice that seemingly comes from nowhere that echoes inside our head, a voice no one else in the room appears to have heard, a voice that stops us in our tracks because it was loud and clear and for a moment we remind our self that no, we’re not crazy and yes, we know what we just heard.

evan almighty image

If we understand that there are many ways in which God can communicate, and if we believe that God is a part of all that is, then we can hear God everywhere, in the crash of ocean waves onto the shore or in a baby’s cry. We smell God in a rose, we taste God in a holiday dinner cooked by our grandmother with love, we feel God as our own children wrap their arms around us – – because we experience God in all that is – – because we experience the essence of unconditional love, the essence of God, with all of our senses every moment of every day.

During this holiday season, take a few moments to sit in quiet stillness to listen to the God of your heart.

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