Spider: Self Sufficiency, Balance

SPIDER: Self Sufficiency, Balance: Spider can teach you to be more self-sufficient if you find that you’re depending on others more often than you’d like. Spider can also help you to establish balance in your life and teach you how to maintain your balance despite any challenge you may encounter.  ©From Meet Your Animal Spirit Guides & Teachers; An Animal Spirit Guide Handbook, by Dani Lynn

arachnophobia, arachnid, spiderweb

I’m the spider on the web and my world is my creation.

I spin my hopes, I spin my dreams,

I spin my fears, and all my tears.

Like a ballerina balancing on a thread,

I’m conscious of each step I take

and choose where I dare to tread.

I’ll weave my tightrope and watch it grow…

until a force of nature deals me another blow.

But I won’t get discouraged, and once again I’ll begin,

to build that web I call my life and begin the dance again.

                                                      — (C)Dani Lynn

I’m sitting in my living room now on the computer and the television is on in the background playing the movie “Spiderman”.  I’d been visiting a few blogs and when I arrived at “LScott Poetry; An Array of Smiles, Tears, Inspiration, Faith, and Love~”  I found myself reading a post calledArachnophobia Fun (If You Say So) : )” so I thought I’d put up a post on SPIDERS!  – -  PS: Just changed stations and found “Arachnoquake” on the SciFi channel… an earthquake unleashes monsterous spiders on New Orleans.  LOL. Never heard of it.  Obviously there’s a message for me tonight from Spider.

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11 responses to “Spider: Self Sufficiency, Balance

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  2. Coming here has taught me to be more sensitive to what Life is trying to teach me for the moment. Many times I’m looking for flashes of lightning but most lessons are the small, easily missable moments – like watching a spider spin its web delicately and purposefully. Thank you Dani Lynn for this beautiful post and poem. Thank you for seeing. Even if sometimes, it’s just Spiders! Hugs, Sharon

    • Thank you so much for such a beautiful, sweet comment. :) I’ve learned that spirit, nature, our higher self, etc. is talking to us all the time, it’s just a matter of listening to everything… like you say, even the spiders.

  3. Hi Dani, (I hope I have your correct name)

    Thanks so much for the mention and I hope you enjoyed my post! I love your poem and the spider metaphor. Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have even been able to look at the spider image. I have grown, that is certain! There is much to learn from these arachnids, I suppose, if we look deeply. Anyway, I appreciate your visit!

    Lauren :)

    • I did enjoy your post, very much. I took it as a ‘sign’ that Spider had a message for me since I was actually watching Spiderman (the movie) at the time. Especially when I came across the second Sci Fi movie! – - Thanks for your comments.

      • Thank you so much for the follow on my blog judysp.wordpress.com. Your support is much appreciated. cheers Judy :) I am a follower of yours too.

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