My Chi Garden – Chapter 1

My Chi Garden;

Discovering My Own Personal Energy Garden

Chapter One – My Own Personal Energy Garden

The afternoon’s sudden downpour is like a call to my soul from earth itself.  I run outside the front door to greet it.  The smell of dirt, the mist blown up onto the covered porch, I stand mesmerized and watch the power of nature.

I live in South Florida. I see a lot of rainstorms here.  It’s a swamp after all.  The insects, amphibians and reptiles seem to grow larger than they should, the roaches fly and the catfish walk.

I watch squirrels scurrying to take cover from the rain along the highway interchanges of a magnificent 125 year old oak.

A handful of grackles remain on cable wires strung between houses.  They rock to and fro in strong wind as rain cleanses glistening black feathers.   I spread my wings and drops of mist seep into my skin.  Cold rain raises goose bumps.  We are one.  The living earth lives within me.  Just breathe.   – –  A dreary day to some, nothing more than an inconvenience.

I love planting, gardening, watching nature create.  I wanted to have a plant nursery, sell plants and flowers, and a vegetable stand.  I love the bright colors of the vegetables, the smell of fruit and wooden crates.  A dream unfulfilled.

The world is an energy garden.  Physicists teach us that everything in the universe is made of energy.  In recent years they’ve even shown that energy has mass and that it can transform.  So science is finally catching up to esoteric thought, ancient teachings on the synthesis and symphony of the universe, on our ability to create.  – –  I think science and spirituality will eventually meet in the middle as one in the same.

I have a hectic life.  I think it would be wonderful to live on my very own island surrounded by cool teal water.  There are events that take place in the world that I do not control, global events, local and sometimes events right in my own little home or office.  When there’s more than one person in one place, different creative energies are thrown into the cookie mix.  Sometimes they come out of the oven soft and warm.  Sometimes they’re burnt to a crisp and the dog doesn’t even want them.

I realized that if I was going to live in peace, I was going to have to find that peace inside of myself.  That just like the enormous world energy garden, I could create my own little personal energy garden.  The unconditional love, the quiet stillness of self that I wanted to achieve was going to have to come from the inside out.  And that way, it would always be with me.  I would also need to learn to willingly see, hear, taste, smell, touch and be in my experiences.

I soon discovered that I already had my own personal energy garden.  I just hadn’t been tending to it.  I made the choice to put loving care into it and to create it in a way that I wanted.  It was my very own after all.  Our mind is a powerful force.  We manifest what comes into our life with our thoughts, our words and our prayers.  We create our own reality.  The challenge is in doing so consciously by holding positive thoughts, speaking words with reverence and standing behind our prayers.  Believing in their power and not returning to thoughts of doubt and fear.  Creating and manifesting, however, goes a step beyond belief, it goes into the realm of knowing, knowing unequivocally that you have the power to create.  Knowing leaves no room for doubt. – – (C) Dani Lynn

The sound of raindrops ignited my soul.  The sudden downpour intensified rapidly.

I gathered myself to rush outdoors as if to greet a loved one returning home.

No mind…   a body responding to a soul’s desire.

– (C)Dani Lynn (Autumn ’04)

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Next: Chapter Two: A New Beginning

Preface: My Chi Garden, Discovering My Own Personal Energy Garden is a journey of self-discovery.  Excerpt: “I started  on an outline and notes for this book a few years ago but it ended up being put aside because I got busy with a lot of other things.  I came across it again tonight and the idea came to me to share it on my new blog.  Most of my notes are in place so I’m going to review everything, update anything that needs updating and then complete and post one chapter every week or so.”

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