My Chi Garden – Live Book – Preface

My Chi Garden;

Discovering My Own Personal Energy Garden


I started on an outline and notes for this book a few years ago but it ended up being put aside because I got busy with a lot of other things.  I came across it again tonight and the idea came to me to share it on my new blog.  Most of my notes are in place so I’m going to review everything, update anything that needs updating and then complete and post one abridged chapter every week or so.

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My Chi Garden, Discovering My Own Personal Energy Garden is a journey of self-discovery.  I faced many challenges early in life which for me included issues of abandonment, alienation, depression and more.  My adoptive father passed on from this life when I was in my late 30’s.  In my search to find a way to communicate with him, I found an entirely new path laid out before me and my life took a sharp turn.  What followed was a conscious journey towards forgiveness, self-acceptance, clarity and self-love.

I learned to consciously connect with my higher self, to trust my intuition and eventually to simply “be” in my experiences.  I found myself on a path towards joy, inner peace and unconditional love by doing what I call discovering my own personal energy garden.

I currently have 8 chapters outlined.  I expect Chapter One to be posted within the next couple days.    – – Dani Lynn


 4/02/13: Next: Chapter One: My Own Personal Energy Garden

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5 responses to “My Chi Garden – Live Book – Preface

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  4. I look forward to reading it! I discovered something very similar in my meditations. It took a very long time to first clear out all of the negative energy I had allowed to not only shut me down, but live with me all the time. Once I was free from those things I began building and creating a place to live, within me, that is beautiful. So I look forward to comparing, learning, and growing from what you have to share :-).

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